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Stars HRM is precisely designed to provide automation of the human resources operations in order to keep and ensure the effective and efficient use of human resource, which is the most valuable resource providing a competitive advantage for the companies.

By making use of Stars HRM companies gain the chance for boosting their efficiency along with the management of various activities including recruitment, selection and placement, planning the training, preparing the task definitions, performance evaluation, and award system in an electronic environment.

Increasing the company success by improving employee performance by assigning the “right person” to the “right place”.
Increasing employees’ efficiency by defining the individual and team performance goals.
Increasing employees’ motivation by rewarding achievements.
Long-time, fair corporate wage politics which is competitive on the market.
Building an employee commitment using development and career plans.
Shortening the manager’s decision process along with the e-Transformation recruitment processes.
Preparing the development plans through stating the improvable employee characteristics along with the versatile evaluation system in which employees also take place.
Human resource and backup planning by forming long-time targets.
Reaching employee information easily with a central employee database.
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