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About Emptor Telco

Emptor Telco addresses common operational issues faced by telecom and media service providers, which provide complicated products & services, have large customer bases, and operate in competitive, deregulated markets.

By unifying its technical experience and business know-how with its R&D ownership, Bizitek created Emptor Telco to specifically fulfill the rising expectations of the telecom industry. Emptor Telco is an end-to-end CRM system where the pre-integrated modules can be either deployed as a whole, or alternatively thanks to the modular architecture, only selected modules can be implemented. With Emptor Telco, Bizitek is offering a world-class state-of-the-art solution to differentiate and better respond to the evolving needs in the telecom and media market.

The modules of Emptor Telco are as follows (in parallel with the Telecom Applications Map (TAM) of TMForum):

Click on for more information about the modules.

Emptor Telco is well suited to a wide range of players in the telecom and media markets, including mobile operators, MVNO/MVNEs, fixed line operators, alternative Telco operators, ISPs and media service providers.

Built-in Workflow Engine. Due to its built-in workflow engine, Emptor Telco is completely process based, supporting visual design and interchangeability of the processes. The workflow engine which is based on Netflow BPM product, plays a critical role within the application. It is responsible for the automation, coordination, and monitoring of business processes related to customers and customer interactions, including trouble ticket resolution, order provisioning, etc. Automating critical processes provides the audit trail of customer interactions and ensures consistent quality of service is delivered.

Enables Convergence. Nowadays, telecommunication service providers are delivering their customers' converged services including IPTV, 3G and Triple Play. Emptor Telco supports convergence in such a way that mobile, fixed, voice, data and content products and services can be managed within a single deployment.

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